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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mexicans, the newest welfare sub culture

The continual coverage of the Congressional fight over allowing immigrants - legal and illegal - into the US; as well as the focus on businessmen who would hire these illegals at substandard wages, while important, is diverting our attention from another bureaucracy also interested in building their empires on the backs of these immigrants.

The non-governmental agencies - NGOs - are actively pursuing these people (they don’t care if they are legal or illegal) and signing them up for tax funded social services as fast as they can. In our own county so-called faith based entities, such as Catholic Charities of the East Bay, Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization - CCISCO - and the Campaign for Human Development all of which claim association with the church when it suits them, along with the Jewish Family & Children’s Services of the East Bay - http://www.jfcs-eastbay.org - to name a few, are partnering with schools and secular non-profits, government agencies, health care agencies and legislators to expand their spheres of influence grabbing their share of the latest entitlement funding program while piously proclaiming that their mission of compassion and quest for social justice requires this massive outreach to a helpless, dependent presumably poverty-stricken community.

Do you ever wonder why we pour millions of tax and charitable dollars into agencies to help the poor and nothing ever seems to get better?

A few decades back Planned Parenthood engaged the assistance of some respected black clergy using them as a wedge to gain acceptence and respectability in the black community. That worked so well that now, it seems, the government has copied the idea. President Bush and others have encouraged the development of so-called “faith based partnering” with government agencies using them as a wedge to gain access to the faithful.

The Diocese of Oakland Social Justice web site reads like a left wing advocacy group http://members.aol.com/oyministry/page3.html. dealing in immigration, housing, health care just like any county governmental office.

CCISCO which is a branch of a statewide community activist training and organizing group called Pacific Institute for Community Organizing - PICO has an aggressive training program located in Richmond and East County to train and organize youth into lobbying groups to gain expanded government coverage.

A recent email alert from Eagle Forum, (May 26,2006 Amnesty: let your voice be heard) in discussing the immigrant situation stated this thought clearly:
“In addition, (to allowing the current group of illegals to stay in the country) the Senate bill would admit 66 million new foreigners over the next 20 years, put them on a path to citizenship, and load them onto our entitlement benefit programs. They would also have the privilege of bringing in their relatives, which could double or triple the 66 million.”

Make no mistake about it these people are viewed as the vehicle to expanded government authority in all arenas of life. Few will escape the welfare dependency, victimization mentality.

Do I feel sorry for all these people, yes? But I also feel sorry for all of us because we will all be demeaned by this misuse of our brothers and sisters.


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