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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Below is an example of a booklet of Prayers that mothers are encouraged to say for their children and grandchildren. The booklet and program which can be found on the internet by googling mothers prayers, is one sure way to fight the evil and worldly seduction that roams the earth to draw our families into sin.

The churches haven't preached the Catholic faith from the pulpit for several decades - at least two generations ago, the schools are forbidden to discuss abstinence, the Catholic Conference states that abortion is now accepted in our society. OUr prayers, directly beseeching Our Blessed Mother and her Son, Jesus the Lord, is our last and best resort to save our children for heaven

Mothers Prayers

Lord Jesus, we come before you as mothers, wanting you to bless our children, and all children throughout the world.

We thank you for our children - they are a precious gift to us. Help us, always to remember this, especially when they are in difficulties

Lord, they live in a troubled world - a world that does not always acknowledge you, - a world that may sometimes cause them to be laughed at if they admit to belief in you.

Help them to be strong, Lord. Helps us to know that you are always with us - sharing in the joys and in the sorrows, joining us in the laughter and weeping with us in the pain.

Please give us all the graces we need, to fulfil your plans for our lives and for our duties in our families. You are Almighty God. You can change things.

So we turn to you in faith and love knowing that you will answer our prayers. Lord let us always remember how much you love us and our children and how you urge us to come to you with our problems.



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