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Monday, January 07, 2013

January 7, 2013.

The latest edition of the Oakland Diocese newspaper, The Catholic Voice, published today, has a front page insert notifying the faithful that the Diocese participated in a memorial service for the 131 Oakland homicide victims of 2012.  Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was quoted while addressing a gathering of 100 people at St. Columba's church that 2012 was a "tough year."

The report, continued on page 10 of the newspaper, states that during the year, a white cross bearing the name and birthdate, if known, of each murder victim is placed in front of St. Columba's. "We pray for a better day" said the pastor, Fr. Aidan McAleenan.

There are at least 4 major abortion provider clinics in Oakland eliminating larger numbers of human beings every week with at least as much accuracy and violence as those who killed Oakland residents with guns.  I'm sure many of those babies killed would have been residents of the St. Columba's parish perimeters. 


In another area of Northern California, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento was, today January 7th, the scene of the Sacred being used to elevate the Profane. Bishop Jaime Soto gave his permission for the Cathedral to be used for a routine honoring of the politically correct, i.e., the homosexual and pro abortion friends of the Assembly Speaker, John Perez.

The 7th Annual San Francisco Walk For Life will be held on January 26th. It has been announced that the Papal Nuncio who resides in Washington, D.C., Bishop Carlos Vigano, will be in attendance.

As usual the main focus of this Walk will be the terrible plight of the women who were forced to submit to abortions. There will be little or no discussion of what brought them to this situation, or who facilitated the idea that sexual impropriety was acceptable and abortion was the only alternative.

There will be no discussion of the enormous amounts of tax money funding the abortion industry, no urging of the people to oppose the government policy of exterminating the innocent but suspect children of the poor and undesirable populace.

The New Year edition of the Times proclaims that the pregnancy centers, rather than the abortion centers are winning the battle for lives. Don't believe it. Abortion and contraception is an accepted norm of California life even in the Catholic Church.

If abortion is to be defeated it must be a battle waged on the spiritual and physical battlefields. The church leadership must speak up with courage - the priests are constantly encouraging the faithful to be courageous.  The abortion funding in California must be eliminated and the restrictions on federal funding of abortion must be enforced. Schools must be forced to stop indoctrinating our children on the so-called right to sexual freedom and school counselors must be removed from the school if they instruct the students that sodomy and sexual liberty are rights that children should be free to exercise.


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